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CAN'T GO WRONG @Stud 4-10-55   4xCH.2xRUCHWrongway x Blue Rock Patches
    2/03/2000 FDSB # 1525782 DNA on file

2002- 1st Lost Pond, New York
2002- Walking Derby of the Year
2003- 3rd Dubois Beaver Meadow                Trial, Dubois, PA.
2003- Runner-up Champion Grand                 National Grouse Championship
                         83 dog entry 2005- Champion Lake States            Grouse Championship 60 dog entry

2006- one of 4 dogs from the field        of sixteen called back in the          Grouse & Woodcock Invitational

2006- at the age 6, Lucky was retired with a shoulder injury ending his career!

2012, our champ Lucky was laid to rest  
RIP Champion Cant Go Wrong

   I would like to introduce you to Lucky, He is a 48 pound, muscular, short coupled powerhouse.  His ability to perform in the heat or dry is remarkable.  He has class, style, heart, and the hard driving desire to hunt that extra mile.  In addition, he has what I feel is most important, the natural ability to find wild birds.                                                                   
   In his pedigree you will find grouse champions such as Ch. Wrong Way, Ch. Stillmeadows Jim, Ch. Long Gone Sam, Ch Tomoka, Ch. Stokely's Diablo Jake, Ch. Pioneer Train Jake, Ch.Teaberry, Spring Garden Keeper, and Northern Zephyr Smoke. These are a handful of many great dogs that have contributed to the English Setter.

   We are confident that Lucky will produce outstanding wild bird finders, with natural pointing instinct, along with the desire that makes a true bird dog. Our goal is to produce champion caliber English Setters.  Breeding to Lucky should be nothing less than desired in the genetic future of English Setters.

  In December of 2012 Our Champion Cant Go Wrong was laid to rest, He will always be with us in our memories, as he was our best companion in the grouse woods.  As for current day sires there are sons and grandons of our boy lucky that are producing phenominal pups as he himself did.  Frozen semen is available for our breeding program, we look forward to the future!

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Thunder Luck, "Pork" is his call name.  Porky is an honest bird dog, 50lbs. of power, style, drive, and endurance and the gift to handle the willy old ruffed grouse.  He is a son of Ch.Can't Go Wrong X She's My Thunder.  His dam has produced some classy bird dogs with multiple sires. 

      Dogwood Birddogs  
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      Thunder Luck @ stud
    CH. Can't Go Wrong x She's My Thunder
          2/18/2004  FDSB # 1570933

1st  O/D Ontario Toronto Branch
1st  O/D Wayne County/Ohio
2nd  O/D Empire Derby Classic
3rd  O/D U.S. Complete Great Lakes
3rd  O/D Wayne County/Ohio
1st  shooting dog/Danville, IL   2012

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