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  Our goal is to produce quality English Setters with the intelligence to handle wild birds and adapt to their covers.   We feel our setters will have class and style along with stamina, desire, and natural pointing instincts to meet your expectations of a bird dog.

Please call or email us for any information you would like on our English setters. You can leave a detailed message and we will contact you directly.

Contact Information:

Dogwood Bird Dogs
2845 E. 400 S. Knox, In. 46534
Phone 219-363-2678

  Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions about our English Setters.  Browse our pages to view  pictures, setter pedigrees, stud dogs, started dogs, and our Field Trial English setter puppies.
Dogwood Birddogs, We offer  FDSB Registered english setters, FDSB English setter hunting dogs, grouse champion English setters,cover dog English setters for sale and English setter puppies.  We offer Dogtra training collars, beeper collars, pheasant & quail bird launchers, and bark collars.  Dogtra on sale at Dogwood E-Collars.  Dog training shock collars, shock collars, beeper collars, bark collars, no bark collars, remote training collars, bird launchers on sale.  The Dogtra e-collar is has great features for retriever training and gun dogs.  Save on Dogtra shock collars and remote trainers.  Dogwood e-collars offers great savings, free shipping on all orders over $200.00.  Features include nick & constant stimulation, 1 mile range and rechargeable batteries.   Woodcock and grouse dogs available. English setters,grouse hunting English setters.  English setters for sale., English setters puppies for sale .  English setters for hunting grouse , woodcock, pheasant and quail.   Quality English setters for field trialing and hunting.  We offer DNA tested stud dogs for enhancing the English setter as we know it today.   Lucky is producing wild bird finders for the grouse and woodcock hunter.  Our English setters are proven in the grouse woods .  We offer quality stud dogs, select puppies for field trials and hunting.  We have FDSB registered English setters ,started dogs and puppies available.  Lucky is a champion caliber dog with power, stamina, and has the heart to hunt that extra mile. Luck was named runner- up from a field of eighty-three at the Grand National Grouse Championship in Pennsylvania.  He is sired By Champion Wronway, and handles by Dave Hughes. In his pedigree you will find grouse champions such as Stillmeadows Jim, Stokeleys Diablo Jake, and Ch. Pioneer Train Jake.  We believe he will impact the English Setter.  Cant Go Wrong is a powerful, strong, hard hunting grouse dog.  We offer English setter puppies for sale, started dogs for hunting wild birds.or Field trialing. Hunting grouse and woodcock is what we thrive on, great grouse dogs are bred ,not made !!  English setters for hunting pheasant, quail and grouse.  Field trial cover dog puppies, English setter stud dogs.  English setter stud dogs, grouse pheasant, quail dogs for hunting Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, California, Idaho, Washington, Arizona,Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, West Virginia, Alaska,Montana...We believe English Setters will adapt to all different types of hunting conditions for hunting quail, grouse, woodcock, pheasant, sharptails, chucker's,and Huns! Cover dog English setters for hunting and field trialing. Also available, English Pointers, Started gun dogs, Puppies for sale, and finished bird dogs.  Our setters are wild bird finders, with natural bird sense.  I recommend Dogtra remote training collars and Dogtra remote launcher systems, along with their beeper collar systems. Dogtra products are great for young puppies along with finished bird dogs!  View our on-line store for your Dogtra training collars, beeper collars and remote bird launchers.   Huge savings on Dogtra products.  Save on Dogtra shock collars and the Dogtra 1200, and 2000 Pro-line series.. Training with the Dogtra 200NCP, a great training collar with a reasonable price.  The 2000 T&B is a great combination for training and locating your hunting dogs.  The 1800NC is a great multi-dog training unit with long range control.  The Pro- line series is ideal for professional trainers who need long range, features nick & constant stimulation.  The dogtra e-fence system is a great pet containment system.  Dogtra Bird launchers are great for training english setters and pointers , programmed to operate as many as six launchers     
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