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English setters for ,grouse hunting.  English setters are versatile gundogs with excellent dispositions.  We offer English setters for sale, pictures are available in our English setter pictures page.  English setters puppies for sale .  English setters for hunting grouse , woodcock, pheasant and quail.   Quality English setters for field trialing, field trials and hunting.  We offer DNA tested stud dogs for enhancing the English setter as we know it today.   Lucky is producing wild bird finders for the grouse and woodcock hunter.  Our English setters are proven in the grouse woods for the the experienced upland bird hunters..  We offer quality English setter stud dogs, select puppies for field trials and hunting.  We have FDSB registered English setters ,started dogs and english setter puppies available.  Lucky is a champion caliber dog with power, stamina, and has the heart to hunt that extra mile. Luck was named runner- up from a field of eighty-three at the Grand National Grouse Championship in Pennsylvania.  He is sired By Champion Wronway, and handles by Dave Hughes. In his pedigree you will find grouse champions such as Stillmeadows Jim, Stokeleys Diablo Jake, and Ch. Pioneer Train Jake.  Lucks pups are winning in the woods  and starting to show in the horseback shooting dog stakes.  We believe he will impact the English Setter.  Cant Go Wrong is a powerful, strong, hard hunting grouse dog.  We offer English setter puppies for sale, started dogs for hunting wild birds.or Field trialing. Hunting grouse and woodcock is what we thrive on, great grouse dogs are bred ,not made !!  English setters for hunting pheasant, quail and grouse.  Field trial cover dog puppies, English setter stud dogs.  Our English setters have hunted wild birds such as Blue Grouse, Chuckers, Hungarian Partrige, Prarie chickens, Sharptails and Pheasants on the praries. 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Also available, English Pointers, Started gun dogs, Puppies for sale, and finished bird dogs.  Our setters are wild bird finders, with natural bird sense.  As an amateur, I recommend Dogtra remote training collar ,English setter breeder directory, Ruffed grouse and upland bird dogs.for guided bird hunts.  Our kennel has experienced shooting dogs that can handle the most extreme hunting covers.  We offer obedience training, guided upland hunting.  We have 15 years experience in the woods of Michigan.  Bonasa umbellus drumming has been on the upswing the last few years, cycles have been on the upswing and we are seeing large broods again.  We are now offering guided hunts with our shooting dogs and will be available for shooting preserves in areas of Indiana and Michigan. Our kennel is breeding select females with natural pointing instinct, drive, class and conformation.  Breeding champions for the future!   We offer hunting dogs for sale, gun dogs for sale, bird dogs for sale.  Breeding English Setters for grouse hunting for field trials and bird hunting.  Pictures of English Setters are available. View Champion English Setter pedigrees, pictures.  Gundogs, hunting dogs, bird dogs are for sale throughout the year.English Setter litters due 2010. We are training English Setters and puppies for bird hunting and field trials.  Dogwood offers bird dogs for sale and started hunting dogs.  Breeding, training,  finished bird dogs for sale, gundogs for sale, hunting dogs fo sale.  English setter pictures available. Hunting English Setters in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Michigan.  Breeding English setters for bird hunting is a passion.  English Setter breeder for Indiana, illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota,  

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Lucky, English Setter puppies are available this spring
I'm Wrong Too
daughter of Cant Go Wrong

       We invite you to enjoy our passion of the modern field bred English Setter, the quest for ruffed grouse, and our vision of a champion caliber bird dog.  

      The passion for upland birds began early for me.  Pheasant hunting as a kid was exciting but it was many years later that I found my life changing love for upland bird hunting.       

       Introduced to grouse field trials we soon acquired a tri-colored pup, sired by a current champion named Wrongway.  This pup was perfect!  Although the last in the litter it was evident from the get go he was intelligent with the natural talent of finding birds.  He developed into a strong dog that like any other of ours could handle the heat.  As dogs develop through their puppy stage he was different, deadly on wild birds and a natural on grouse!

      With disappointment of my inexperience as a handler.  I was referred to a trainer that was certain to help.  In his early derby and shooting dog career his drive and desire would be limited as all dogs have their day.  Dave Hughes a professional trainer from PA. once told me he was like a lock and had to have his combination picked.

       In 2003 as the fall trial season came to a close Lucky was named Runner-Up Grouse Champion at the Grand National Grouse Championship.  In a field of 83 he tallied two finds on grouse.  With this performance in the open pole timber of PA. we set our sights on producing solid bird dogs with intelligence and heart to hunt to the extremes.

       Our kennel was founded in 2003  with that vision in mind.  To enhance the genetics of the English Setter.  From that solid pup, to an extreme competitor we offered him at stud.  We named our kennel  Dogwood Bird Dogs from the many grouse points in the swampy bogs where the dogwood berries formed these little islands that produced the most phenominal grouse hunting.  Like a home away from home the Manistee National Forest in Michigan has proven to be our favorite training grounds.

       As in any competition every dog has his day while some say lightning never strikes twice.  In 2005 Dave Hughes, guided Lucky to another big win.  With a big forward race scoring on 2 broods of grouse.  He was named the winner of the Lake States Grouse Championship.  With an entry of 60 dogs and multiple dogs with clean bird work it was his day to shine. 

      The following year Lucky suffered a shoulder injury that would be career ending.  He is now since retired and producing bird dogs with the same attributes that made him our greatest dog.   In his younger days he was a hard charging bird dog with stamina, although desire and endurance were traits we seek. His natural ability on game is what him so special.  At the age of seven months during many of his training trips to the woods he pointed the wily old ruff like a pro.  Many memories come to mind, tons of grouse pointed, and the excitement of him on the edge. 

     Our goal is simple!  Produce champion caliber English Setters with class, style and desire to hunt that extra mile.  Lucky’s genetics have been proven with satisfied owners and growing numbers of horseback, walking, and grouse trial winners.  We are confident his genetics will enhance the English Setter as we know it today.

     We hope you enjoy our site, feel free to view our photos, pedigrees, and our bird dog links.  We enjoy feedback or comments.  Please feel free to email or phone with any questions about our English Setters.  Thank you, Dogwood Bird dogs

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